Jan Kempenaers

Belgian Colonial Monuments 2
80 p, 22 x 22 cm, Dutch/English

Belgian Colonial Monuments
72 p, 22 x 22 cm, Dutch/English

72 p + C-print, 24 x 31 cm

64 p, 33.5 x 24.5 cm

80 p, 33.5 x 26.5 cm

Dun Briste, Downpatrick Head
30 p + C-print, 23 x 33 cm

I'm not tailgating, I'm drafting
32 p + C-print, 17 x 23 cm

104 p + C-print, 30 x 21 cm

Naar Watou toe / On the Road to Watou
47p, 19 X 27cm, Dutch/Englis

Kerselare Drawings and Photographs
240 p, 16 x 22 cm, Dutch/Englis

Jan Kempenaers, Hoboken

Edition, published by Roma Publications, 2017
104 p, limited edition of 600 with a signed and numbered C-print.
31 x 22 cm
Roma Publication 300
In collabortion with the School of Arts Ghent.

Over a period of one year, Jan Kempenaers photographed the woods in the Hobokense Polder, itself the result of a botched urban development project and a former dumping ground for excess soil and toxic waste. Located in a suburb of Antwerp, the area was transformed into a nature reserve two decades ago. It is a new, modern landscape, the result of human intervention left to its own “natural” growth. The book is composed in sections (archive, selection, details), repeating image sequences that progress in a tendency towards abstraction. With an essay on landscape photography by Steven Humblet. 

Design: Roger Willems. ISBN 9789491843976

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